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Current Commisions

WINTER PALACE - Original series from an idea by Jean-Marc Frohle about the first Winter Sports hotel in Switzerland. I've created this 8x52 series for Swiss TV and international co-pro partners.

AMERICAN PRINCESS - adaptation of the non-fiction book by Annejet van der Zijl about the richest woman in America. A 6x45 series for Endor UK and Topkapi.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN FRANCE - adaptation of the graphic novels by Fabien Nury into a long running series for Federation in France and Main Journey in Montreal.


RED JOAN - Feature Film Adaptation of the novel by Jennie Rooney, commissioned by David Parfitt of Trademark for Sir Trevor Nunn to direct.

Feature Film Script for King's Speech producers Bedlam. This is a Brazilian/UK co-production.


ROYAL WIVES AT WAR - Screenwriter of BBC2 History Drama Doc, produced by BBC in-house. TX 2016.

SERIAL THRILLER and BARBARIANS RISING - Executive Producing and part-writing factual based dramas for Discovery ID US and The History Channel US. TX 2016. Feature Film version of Serial Trhiller true crime stories have won prizes at the 2016 British Independent Film Festival and the Mexico International Film Festival.


THE MAN WHO SAVED THE BEETLE - 2x90 minute TV drama for Keo TV and Telepool, Germany.

THE BATTTLE FOR TEA - Writer of the drama Doc 'The Battle for Tea' about the life of Robert Fortune for Les Taxis Brousses and Arte channel in France. TX 2016


TRIGGER - Feature film adaptation of the novel by Susan Vaught for Met Films - script commissioned by the BFI.  To be directed by Dominic Savage.

MADAME TUSSAUD - Drama Doc with French TV company Gedeon, Arte and Oxford films and TV.

THE GREATCOAT - 2 part TV adaptation of the novel by Helen Dunmore, with Hammer/Exclusive Media.

LAST MAN STANDING - Six-part TV series in development with Company.

LAST DAY - 1x90 Drama in development with Raw.

THE HOT ZONE - Six-part TV series in development with Warp.

STANLEY FALLS - Feature film script commissioned by director Volker Schlondorff and producer Margaret Menegoz, winner of the 2012 Palme D'Or at Cannes (Les Films du Losange).

CHAIN GANG - Six-part TV series treatment commissioned by Noho Films.

IN HER ELEMENT - Feature script commissioned by NOVA science channel (US) and Context Tv (Germany). For Volker Schlondorff to direct.

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